getting started
Everything you need to know about the site is posted in here. Including rules, member groups and site plot.
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Any site updates and announcements will be posted in here. This includes activity checks, spotlight nominations and voting and all site events.
character central
Post you character application in here using the template provided within. Be sure to post in the correct sub-board when doing so.
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kira tatsuko
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Accepted applications will be housed here, sorted into separate sub-boards according to member group.
Once a character is accepted, be sure to stop by here and fill out all the mandatory claims.
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This is a place for you to post any and all character development things, whether it be questionnaires, a list of favourites or simply pictures of things related to them.
Post your plotter in here so that your characters can find friends, enemies, lovers and whatever else. Use the appropriate sub-board depending on whether you wish to have one thread for all of your characters or a separate thread for each character.
Does your character need a certain someone in their life? Request them in here, be sure to post in the correct sub-board.
Trackers are a good way to keep track of your threads. The open threads list is also in here.
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out of character
This is a place for members to kick back and relax, chat about whatever and partake in games and exchange graphics and templates.
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Post your ads for other sites in here. Please be sure to use the correct sub-board otherwise your ad will be deleted.
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Ask anything site related, comment on any aspect of the layout or site and make suggestions in here.
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All inactive and finished threads will be moved to here.
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